Coax-can I with uno? Also, hooking it to a modem?

Hello, I have a bunch of modems I need to test to see if the coax works on them.

Can I use an Coax hookup with the Uno, or do I need a different board?

Is there anything I can read that would output to serial from the modem with the arduino? They are all pretty much the same modem. But I have a ton of them.

What is the modem model number? What do you want to connect using coax.

Give ALL the information that you have on the whole problem so we can answer.


I have some Arris Surfboard SB6141

I want to find out if the modem cable hookup is functional-perhaps read from the modem any signal it may give out? If I could get something on the serial monitor from the modem that would be ideal. Then I would know the cable jacks are good at least. From there if we could send a signal in to test the entire modem that would be great.

But as it stands I don’t know what type of board I would need to start or any other components I would need.

Thank you for your input Weed! Nube here sorry.

You should be able to test the Ethernet-side if you get an Ethernet shield.

I don't know what it takes on the cable-side, but it would also require some electronics and since it's basically a "Digital TV signal" it's probably not something you can easily build yourself.

I know we can check from the Ethernet side, but that is after we send a signal through. If we could see something on the serial monitor that would be great, or send in a signal to light up the LED green to show it has a cable signal in that would be best.

HI samlf3rd,

Test with a DMM, or dump them, who uses modems these days??

1) If you can get a signal in to it? What will it be? 2) How can you instruct it to light one of it's many? LEDs?



The head-end of the cable TV system is probably using some standard protocol. Can you find what that is?

I suspect that you would need a working cable TV outlet or the simulator for such an outlet will cost more than $10k. The techs that install the modems probably don't have access to the simulator.

I guess you guys are right. It would be easier to test with an Oscilloscope than anything. I thought I could get something to print out in serial monitor easily. I will ahve to give this one up I guess.

Thank you for all your help. Being my first question on this site I got info back very quickly-which when you are working on a project is very important for encouragement. The forum and docs for Arduino are excellent! What a great community to help achieve greatness! Kudos to you all! I am a nube, and I am a web coder by trade. I didn't know with my knowledge of coding that I could make lights and motors turn on and off when I want them to! My Dad always talked about making a robot with me but didn't have the time, so I am going to make that robot with my son. I can't wait!

Thank you thread closed?