Cocktailmachine- future?

Hello together,
I hope this the right category for my question.
I wanted to hear you opinion:

I designed a cocktail machine. It supports 16 ingredients, is based on an Android-Arduino connection.
LED strips are integrated and you can change the color how you like.
The project isn`t finish at the moment, but soon!

The machine can make a cocktail in 10 seconds.

My question:
Do you think this product has a chance on the market?
And if yes, how much would you (as holder of a bar) pay for this?
Do you got some improvement suggestions?
I started this project as hobby. But now i put so much work in it, and it would be a real pity to stay as this.

Here are some pictures in the attachmend.
Every review (positiv and negativ) would be great!!! :smiley: