Codasign Making Interactive Sound Workshops

We're running some workshops which might interest you. They are 4 interactive sound workshops starting Saturday 6th April, with the last one being Saturday 27th April. There is the option to attend individual sessions or the entire series. Please see details below:

This workshop will give an introduction to working with Arduino, Processing and Max/MSP. No previous programming knowledge or experience with electronics is needed.

About the Workshop This course will show you how to interface sound, visuals and real-wold physical movements and gestures to create interactive multimedia installations, tools for live music performance or just new ways to make and interact with sound. You can "pick 'n' mix" from the different days or sign up for all four at a discounted rate.

Day 1 will introduce the interactive music environment Max/MSP.? Day 2 will introduce the programming language and environment Processing.? Day 3 will cover hardware sensors along with the microcontroller environment Arduino.? Day 4 will demonstrate how these tools can be made to communicate to create a sonic, visual interactive system that responds to real-world movements and gestures.?See learning.codasign for the course material.

What will you do and learn? Day 1: Introduction to Max/MSP 6?Level: Beginner?An introduction to the interactive music environment Max/MSP. Attendees will learn how to create customisable interactive music programs to generate soundscapes, record new material or sequence MIDI notes in time.

Day 2: An Introduction to Processing?Level: Beginner?An introduction to the “electronic sketchbook” language Processing. Attendees will learn how to use basic software techniques to create simple graphical interactive programs, manipulating graphics, images and video.

Day 3: Sensors for Sound Control - an introduction to Arduino for music?Level: Beginner?An introduction to the Arduino platform and connecting sensors that detect sound, light and pressure.

Day 4: Interfacing Max, Processing and Arduino?Level: Some experience with Max, Processing & Arduino; the previous sessions will have taught you everything you need to know.?Attendees will learn how to make Max/MSP, Processing and Arduino communicate - allowing them to link graphics to sound generations and physical inputs via sensors.

What do you need to already know? No previous experience is needed. All sessions will be assuming you are a beginner, with the exception of the last day. It will be assumed that you have learned the content in the previous sessions.

What do you need to bring? You don't need to bring anything, but may bring your own computer if you would like. Arduinos and components will be provided for use during the sessions.

Price: 1 day workshops (standard ticket) £69 1 day workshops (concession ticket) £62 4 full days (standard ticket) £250 4 full days (concession ticket) £225


When: April 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th 11am - 5pm

Where: SPACE 129-131 Mare St ? London E8 3RH

Cancellation Policy Full refund if registration is cancelled over a week before the course start, 50% if within a week of the course start, and no refund if within 24 hours of the course start.