Code 10 error


I am facing some installation problems with the arduino uno. It says Code 10 error and the driver installing shows failed.

I tried to manually install the driver using the arduino uno.inf file, after that it says the driver is installed but it says device code error 10 and it is not working.

I wanted to check if this happens to other USB devices, but they are working properly. So, i came to a conclusion that arduino is the only thing not working and came here for help.

Already had troubles with arduino working in my laptop. but those were resolved and now this problem.

Please help me to solve this problem. Below are my laptop specifications:

OS - Win 7 hardrive - 500GB RAM - 4GB Processor: intel i7

Thank you.

your usb is 3.0? case yes, try in a 2.0 port!

for other users in the forum, this helped!