Code compiles and uploads but doesen't work?!

So I did a code wich is supose to show txt. files from SD modul on my TFT display, and then based on the key pressed on my 4x4 keypad show another txt.file from my SD modul.
In every txt there is a question and 4 awnsers, every questions has its own same awnser, 1 question awnser is c, 2 question awsner is b always, etc. If user awsners correct a message is shown and the program moves on to the next question, same if the user awnsers incorrect.

I’m using an arduino due.

The code uploads corectly but it doesen’t work. It’s not a conection problem because the examples from the libraries work just fine.

The code is in the attachment. Pleas help, what am I mising? Thanks in advance!

quiz.ino (17.5 KB)

Why not stick with your original post with the same question so we don't have to go over the things from there again?

Because I thought that this was more of a Programing Question then a Project Guidance.

Doese anyone know what I'm missing?

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