code does not work as expected

So I recently installed and reinstalled and essentially done everything I can think of to try to get my code to work. Not even my professor can figure out why it won't work so let's come here. Here is my code and as follows is the error if there is anything anyone can do to help let me know.
int led = 12;

void setup()
pinMode(led, OUTPUT);

void loop()
digitalWrite(led, HIGH);
Serial.println("The LED connected to Pin 12 is ON!");
Serial.println("The LED connected to PIN 12 is On!");
// put your main code here, to run repeatedly


fork/exec /Users/michaelzaccari/Library/Arduino15/packages/chipKIT/tools/pic32-tools/1.43-pic32gcc/bin/pic32-g++: bad CPU type in executable
Error compiling for board chipKIT UNO32.

I've been searching for hours and to no avail. Please help.



Could you take a few moments to READ THIS.
It will help you get the best out of the forum.


May want to change your search engine. :smiley:

Have a read through this. I didn't read every word. But from what I did read, it's possible you need to change to a different version of the IDE. Or to a different program altogether.

Are you on the latest version of MacOS Catalina, the one that dropped support for 32-bit executables? In that case, you need to talk to the maintainers of that PIC core that you're using about getting a version of their core that supports that version of MacOS. It looks like the compiler toolchain the core pulls in is 32-bit.

This was just fixed in the latest version of the Arduino IDE for the official AVR board packages; so far, many of the third party hardware packages have not been updated to work with MacOS Catalina, and generally the people maintaining arduino board packages (hobbyists) are not the same people who are in control of the toolchains (provided by the hardware manufacturers) - it's entirely possible that they are powerless to fix the problem until a new version of the compilers is made available by whomever is responsible for those.