Code error with "Safe project"

Hey there,

yesterday i started my first solo project on my Arduino Uno. I tried to use my keypad (4 rows, 4 columns), my LCD, a servo and two LEDs to make a safe mechanism that triggers the servo whenever the right code of numbers is entered and switches from a green to a red LED.
I found some similar code online and modified it by tweaking it here and there and adding some stuff (the whole servo library for example).
As soon as i upload the sketch to my board it is ready to use and it works, but here comes my problem: it works only once...
I tried to fix it a few times, but to be honest i don't know a lot of the programming syntax the original author used.
As i figured out before: this is my first real solo project on that topic and i would really really appreciate some help. So if you, dear reader are able to help me out in this situation i would be amazingly pleased if you could get me some advice, tips and tricks or even a direct fix of the sketch.


or even a direct fix of the sketch.

Line 27 is all wrong. Or, so my crystal ball says.

If you want help with code, you need to post it and say more than "it doesn't work". Of course it works. It does exactly what you told it to do. That it doesn't do what you expect means that your expectations are wrong.

To help you correct your expectations, we need to see the code, and to know exactly what it does and what you expected it to do.

It will be extremely difficult for anybody to help without seeing the code. Post it using code tags

** **[code]** **

Paste your code after that
** **[/code]** **
after the pasted code.

Before copying the code from your sketch, use tools -> autoformat in the IDE to properly indent the code (just in case).