Code for camera crane head movement

greeting. My name is Davor. I'm from the Croatian.
I need help.
I am completely new to the Arduino and general electronics .. Knowledge of computer'm high, but I'm not an electrical engineer so I'm not an expert. because the answer and I need help .. I am involved in photography and cinematography. and I wanted to make a motorized head for crane camera. I realized that with the help of Arduino, stepper motors, stepper motor drivers, and joysticks that could make the most expensive .. smallest problem we all connect ..
However, the problem is programmed .. I do not understand the programming, so I'm looking for someone who would be willing to help with this program .. I have never programmed something and nothing is clear to me in all these codes.
Is there someone here that's willing we programmed or help me how to do this?
he would pray for the help! thanks and regards the treatment of the Croatian.

Funny coincidence, I just finished assembling, testing and preparing a crane for tomorrows shooting.

Do you have the mechanical side figured out? It seems to me that this is the key part in this project.
I could help you with the code, and planning the hardware, but you're on your own when it comes to building it.

BTW, I'm from Zagreb.

Usually, a "pan and tilt" mechanism has two servo motors, not stepper motors.

If actually want to move the crane, that might work better with stepper motors, or perhaps with regular geared-down DC motors.

A servo rotates over an arc, so it won't make a full 360 degree revolution. The motor is geared-down (for slower speed and more torque than the motor itself). The driver is built into the servo. All you need is a DC power source, and then you send it a repeating pulse from the Arduino to set the target angle. The pulse width determines the angle. There is a servo library for the Arduino, so you don't have to write all of the code from scratch.

I am completely new to the Arduino and general electronics .. Knowledge of computer's high...

I'd suggest you start with either the input or output. Maybe get a small servo to experiment with, and just write some code to control it. Then add the joystick and use some LEDs or the serial monitor (without the servo) to develop & debug the code for your joystick. Then, blend the input & output code together.

I think the hard part would be determining how powerful your servos need to be. You can probably make a good guess, or maybe you can find the torque ratings on commercially made pan & tilt mechanisms made for cameras.

You can buy a pan & tilt mechanism that's made for a robot. These are just the servos and the mechanical parts without a joystick, power supply, or controller. Or, I think you can buy the mechanical part without the servos. That's one way to do it if you don't want to build the mechanical parts yourself.

If you buy a pan & tilt mechanism that's made for photographers, it will come complete with everything ready-to-go.

greeting. My name is Davor. I'm from the Croatian.
I need help.

You will be much more likely to get help if the Title of your thread exaplains the problem. If you modify your original post you can edit the title. I suggest something like "Code for camera crane movement"


@Robin2 THX!

@DVDdoug .. Why do you think I should use servo motors instead of stepper? Why do you think it would, in my case, were better servo motors?

@Shpaget Možeš li mi molim te dat neki mail da ti se javim privatno. jednostavnije je.. ili mi se javi molim te na hvala!!! pozdrav

that would be the difference in using a stepper motor and servo for this purpose? camera crane head.