Code for ds18b20 and microview

Hey Guys,

I am a 100% noob to programming and really hoped the arduino would get me into it. I still feel that way but am just extremely busy at work these days and will never get to my coding project.

I bought the microview and ds18b20 temperature sensor because I want to monitor the temperature in my aquarium.

I know most of you coders out there could write it in your sleep so I was wondering if someone would want to write it for me and I'd be more than willing to pay.

I got the ds18b20 to work just find on my UNO using existing code on the net and using the serial monitor on my pc but this is no-where near as nice as the microview. I guess I said that to say I understand how to wire it up and everything so I wouldn't need help there. I just need the microview code.

Also if there is already code out there for the microview and ds18b20 combo please link it to me. I have exhausted google looking for such code.

I apologize if this is posted in the wrong section.

thanks! Nate

Hey Nate,

Tell me more. See PM.