Code for Monitoring and Graphing using an Arduino

Need help.

I am looking for some code that allows me to measure the current and voltage from a wind turbine and graph the data. I have the circuitry for this measurement, but now need the program that will allow me to see the results. Please help!

look into the graphing with processing example

Try this too

I remember there's also a plug-in for Excel which enables it to receive live data from a serial stream.

You also have the option of using Gobetwino or similar to pipe the data to a database and then use any of the commonly available reporting/charting tools.

If you interface through wifi or ethernet to a linux machine, to which you’ll send the data, you can use MRTG with RRDtool to get near-live graphics of the incoming data.

there is very little programming involved:

  • a simple PHP, PERL (or even BASH!) script in the linux server side that writes the incoming stream to a local file
  • adapting your sketch to send the read data to the network

Instead of a text file, you can (should, actually) integrate your PHP or PERL script with RRDtool so that the data is readily available to MRTG. With this, you can have near real time graphs of the data you are logging.

Where you can find some info about what I’m playing with