Code for Nema 34 motor

I'm trying to run NEMA 34 motor at a very slow speed. I also want to try different speed for the motor. Please help me with a code so that I can adjust the rpm of the motor.
Motor Specs:
Controller Specs:

Please help me with a code.
I also want to run 4 motors with one arduino. Which kind of Arduino should I use?
Thanks in advance

i found this


you go straight to the wiring page #9 clearly shows how to connect your controller to your motor as well as to your arduino

page #3 shows how to control the whole thing ( run_stop/direction/enable/speed control, etc)

that shouldn't be lot of hassle for arduino to do it

hope you will thoroughly read the rest of the sheet


the controller basically needs 3 I/O pins (out) and 1 PWM pin with arduino, so with 4 motors that makes a total of 12 I/Os (out) + 4 PWM

Arduino Nano ( or Uno ) will do it

The speed input on that drive is 0 to 5V DC, I would use a digital to analog converter (DAC) to translate numbers from the Arduino to a DC level the drive can use. Can't say what the minimum controllable speed might be. What are you looking for (RPM)?