Code for PI controlled fan

Can anyone see why this won’t produce a fan output?
I’m not sure if the error part is calculating correctly,
And also currently the temp shows 70 odd degrees which isnt right

#include <PID_v1.h>

double sensed_output, control_signal;
double setpoint;
double Kp= 2.1; //proportional gain
double Ki= 3.30; //integral gain
double Kd= 0.3255; //derivative gain
int T= 50; //sample time of 50 milliseconds (ms)
unsigned long last_time;
double total_error, last_error;

int sensorPin = A0;  // assigns the analog input pin from the temp sensor
int sensorVoltage;  // the variable storing the analog signal
double temperature; // sensed temperature
int OutputPin = 6; // PWM output pin to the motor

void setup(){ 
  pinMode(OutputPin, OUTPUT);

void loop(){
  sensorVoltage = analogRead(sensorPin);
  temperature = sensorVoltage*0.4882;  // changing voltage values from analog to Digital, (5/1024)

                                      // temperature = analogRead(tempPin)*5/1024.0;
                                      //temperature = temperature - 0.5;
                                      //temperature = temperature / 0.01;
  sensed_output= temperature;
  setpoint = 25;  // setpoint to 25 degC
 PID_Control(); //calls the PID function every T interval and outputs a control signal  
  analogWrite(OutputPin, control_signal) // sends PWM signal

void PID_Control(){

  unsigned long current_time = millis(); //returns the number of milliseconds passed since the Arduino started running the program
  int delta_time = current_time - last_time; //delta time interval 
  if (delta_time >= T){

    double error = setpoint - sensed_output;
    total_error += error;          //accumalates the error - integral term
    if (total_error >= 255) total_error = 255;
    else if (total_error <= 0) total_error = 0;
    double delta_error = error - last_error; //difference of error for derivative term

    control_signal = Kp*error + (Ki*T)*total_error + (Kd/T)*delta_error; //PID control compute
    if (control_signal >= 255) control_signal = 255;
    else if (control_signal <= 0) control_signal = 0;
    last_error = error;
    last_time = current_time;
Serial.print ("Temperature: ");
  Serial.print ("Fan Speed:");
  delay (1000);


Make printouts of strategic data to Serial monitor to check the health of the maths.
How is the fan connected? Wiring diagram please.

Why have you included the PID library and then rolled your own?

What is Your goal regarding the fan activity? Ist it to prevent some warm equipment from overheating? Then much more simple strategies than PID would do the job.
Is the purpose to create a precision temperature control of some sencitive object? Then PID might be needed.