Code for Start-Stop motor (timer)

Hello everyone, Im supposed to create a start stop vehicle using just $15. My idea was to use an arduino, a stepper motor and a module to make it work, but i have no idea about programming. Is there any way for me to create a code so the arduino will power the motor for a specific amount of time and then just remove the power so it stops? if there is, could anyone help? if not, just tell me please :3

thats the link of my project, just forget the part about shooting something. My goal is to make the car move from point A to point B just by using the arduino.

Thank you for your patience

Sure, Arduino can run a motor for a given time. Have you done any research on Arduino at all? If you'd even look a little I think you'd find plenty of examples of people using Arduino to turn motors on and off. Why don't you look at a few and see if you can come up with something. If it doesn't work right we can help you fix it.

My idea was to use an arduino, a stepper motor and a module to make it work

Why? Do you even know what a stepper motor is? Do you realize what they are used for?

Completely inappropriate for your application.

why u mad bruh?
im just a newbie

why u mad bruh?

I love it when they show me right off the bat just what their intelligence level is. It helps to know which threads just don't need much attention.

I didn't see anything in his response that would indicate he was angry. Where did you pick that up?