code for using two buttons to send audio waves

I am an absolute beginner to arduino and c++ but i learned that i need an arduino for my project so i brought one. I would like to write a code that will decipher between two different buttons being pressed and then have the arduino send a different audio wave, depending on which button was pressed, through an aux cord. Anyone help would be very appreciated, thank you very much!

Start with something a lot easier just to get your feet wet. There are several examples that are installed with the IDE that will help you get to where you want to go. Order your buttons and some cheap LEDs (like 0.1 watt, not 1.0 watt) and some 1/4w 100 or 120 ohm resistors. Learn to turn on an LED and then move to audio. Which, you'll probably need a "shield" or 2 to accompany your arduino to accomplish your final goal. I say that because there's not enough storage on an Arduino for 1 wav file, let alone 2. If it would even store a wav to begin with. (never tried).

Just my advice. Use it or lose it.