Code from Uno not working on Mega


as the title says, my (copied) code do work on an Arduino Uno, but not on a Mega. It doesn´t give me an error message, but in serial monitor the values don´t change as they used to do (permanent Zeros).

Code from: Reading Remote Control Receiver Values with Arduino | Ryan Boland

#include <EnableInterrupt.h>

#define SERIAL_PORT_SPEED 57600
#define RC_NUM_CHANNELS  4

#define RC_CH1  0
#define RC_CH2  1
#define RC_CH3  2
#define RC_CH4  3

#define RC_CH1_INPUT  A0
#define RC_CH2_INPUT  A1
#define RC_CH3_INPUT  A2
#define RC_CH4_INPUT  A3

uint16_t rc_values[RC_NUM_CHANNELS];
uint32_t rc_start[RC_NUM_CHANNELS];
volatile uint16_t rc_shared[RC_NUM_CHANNELS];

void rc_read_values() {
  memcpy(rc_values, (const void *)rc_shared, sizeof(rc_shared));

void calc_input(uint8_t channel, uint8_t input_pin) {
  if (digitalRead(input_pin) == HIGH) {
    rc_start[channel] = micros();
  } else {
    uint16_t rc_compare = (uint16_t)(micros() - rc_start[channel]);
    rc_shared[channel] = rc_compare;

void calc_ch1() { calc_input(RC_CH1, RC_CH1_INPUT); }
void calc_ch2() { calc_input(RC_CH2, RC_CH2_INPUT); }
void calc_ch3() { calc_input(RC_CH3, RC_CH3_INPUT); }
void calc_ch4() { calc_input(RC_CH4, RC_CH4_INPUT); }

void setup() {

  pinMode(RC_CH1_INPUT, INPUT);
  pinMode(RC_CH2_INPUT, INPUT);
  pinMode(RC_CH3_INPUT, INPUT);
  pinMode(RC_CH4_INPUT, INPUT);

  enableInterrupt(RC_CH1_INPUT, calc_ch1, CHANGE);
  enableInterrupt(RC_CH2_INPUT, calc_ch2, CHANGE);
  enableInterrupt(RC_CH3_INPUT, calc_ch3, CHANGE);
  enableInterrupt(RC_CH4_INPUT, calc_ch4, CHANGE);

void loop() {

  Serial.print("CH1:"); Serial.print(rc_values[RC_CH1]); Serial.print("\t");
  Serial.print("CH2:"); Serial.print(rc_values[RC_CH2]); Serial.print("\t");
  Serial.print("CH3:"); Serial.print(rc_values[RC_CH3]); Serial.print("\t");
  Serial.print("CH4:"); Serial.println(rc_values[RC_CH4]);


If you consult the documentation for the EnableInterrupt library:

Arduino Uno/Duemilanove/etc.

 Interrupt Type | Pins
 -------------- | --------------
 External       | 2 3
 Pin Change     | 2-13 and A0-A5

OK, so your inputs A0-A3 are fine for Uno.

Now let's check what it says about Mega:

Arduino Mega2560/ADK

 Interrupt Type | Pins
 -------------- | --------------
 External       | 2 3 and 18-21
 Pin Change     | 10-15 and A8-A15 and SS, SCK, MOSI, MISO
                  also, 'fake' pins 70-76 (see below under Details).

Uh-oh! Pins A0-A3 are not on that list, thus your problem. You need to move your inputs to pins that support pin change interrupts and update your code accordingly.

Thank you!