CODE help for steps led strip lightingusing PIR and LDR

Hello Everyone, My first post here, hope i will get good advice here.

First of all i want to make staircase lighting using led strip each 1 mtr approx cut for every step.
secondly i want it to be triggered using a PIR sensor both on bottom and topmost step and a LDR.
I want it to light before person steps on the step as he climbs or comes down. and goes off simultaneously
step by step.

Arduino Uno Mega2560
I have single colour LED strip lights,
2 X PIR sensor
LDR sensor,
power supply
Relay equal to number of steps… since led works on 12v2Amp

My problem is in code when a person climbs up fewsteps for example and second person is coming down then what shud be wrritten in code? or on e person climbs up and second follows in few second then a third…and so on…

Is it possible then plz reply.

I will attach my code which i wrote for few steps to test…

Thank you.

sketch_jan08a.ino (3.84 KB)