Code help

Here is the code:

Just enter this into your browser and the code will download. It has three tabs so I couldn't put it into the code part.

Here's the problem: The two switches I have that manually control functions don't do anything. When I press them, nothing happens. There's no problem with the hardware, so it's definitely the code. The part of the code that has the if statements are in the top part of the "void loop" section. I think the code gets stuck on the webserver part on the bottom of the first tab. Would this be causing it? If so, how to I prevent this from happening?

Also, how can I move the temp reading right before the video feed? This is what it looks like:

Thanks, Elijah


Nice work on the couch, i mean, 200 degrees celcius fishtank :slight_smile: hope they’re tasty :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, for your inputs, have you got them pulled-up? See the reference on digital input here:

Otherwise, you might need to hold down the buttons for a longer period of time for the code to actually see your press?


Thanks! HA! I haven't put the actual thermistor on yet...(-:

yes The 2 switches are pulled up and I've tried holding them down longer, but still no luck... Also, before I added the webserver part of my code the switches both worked perfectly.