Code help

Hi im doing a really simple project and I need help with the code.

I want the rgb to light up red when it's off and when your turn the switch on the rgb turns green and plays a melody. The potentiometor is for changing the volume.


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you just wrote a very and much too short question which is way too general to even post code
This gives the impression that you are a very lazy guy.
writing this program is a bit more than just asking for a cheatcode for a game to reach platinum-level.

so there a lot of questions unanswered yet.

what exact microcontroller-board are you using?

which IO-pins do you want to use for the RGB-LED?

which IO-pin should the switch be connected to

which kind of circuitry do want the switch be connected pullup or pulldown?

where does the melody come from? MP3-player ? which type? simple speaker using tone?

What is the potentiometer supposed to connect to?

If you are too lazy to answer these questions by a much more detailed description you should go buy a ready to use product off the shelf.

If you want to give a better impression change your asking-style
best regards Stefan

How can something light up when it is off?

What code and components do you have so far and what help do you need with the code?


You will need File->Examples->02.Digital->StateChangeDetection so things happen only when the input pin changes from OFF to ON. If you just read the input pin the music will repeat over and over while the switch is ON.

What form is the music? You can play simple note sequences using an Arduino alone. If the 'music' is a .WAV file you can use an SD Card module to hold the data and a library to play low-fidelity music on an Arduino pin. If the 'music' is an MP3 file you will need a chip to decode it for playing.

Is this a school assignment?