code merge problem

Hi~ Hello

I'm programing beginner

I want to make two codes into one code.

One is the 'DOT Matirx' clock code.

The other one is 'TM1637+DHT22' temp,humidity code.

Can you combine two codes?

Please help me.

Can you combine two codes?

Sure you can. What is the resulting program supposed to do?

Thank you for answer.

I’ve merged two codes. (dotmatrix_clock + tm1637.dht22_temperature sensor)

The ‘DotMatrix clock’ works well, but …

‘TM1637 display’ does not work properly

Only once and then it stops.

Where is the wrong code? (no problem with the sketch upload.)

Merge_Code Check please~ (I checked ‘add----------------’)

Merge_Code.txt (46.8 KB)

Merge_Code.txt (46.8 KB)