Code needed for small project micro controller and leds

Hi, I'm looking for someone to write a code for me, I have written my own code in the past but I'm working to a tight deadline and I don't have time to try and re learn all I have forgotten!
I'm using 2 x adafruit Gemma microcontrollers v2 with arduino and 100 neopixel wearable leds. Each controller will power and code 50 neopixels on 2 pins of 25 each connected in a chain. The light colour is white. The programme needs to run in a chasing pattern from the bottom light to the top and then loop.
It should be a fairly easy code to write? For someone who knows what they are doing!
Obviously prepeared to pay for your time.
Thank you.

Are both Gemmas doing exactly the same thing? Is there any interaction between them?

Doing the same thing yes. No interaction

Code sorted now. Thank you.