Code not getting uploaded on Nano

Hello, I tried uploading an empty sketch on the Arduino Nano board,but there is a problem being faced while uploading the code. I have attached the error message and the configurations used..

Urgent help needed.

Thanks in advance.

You have selected the completely wrong board. The 'Nano Every' is NOT a 'Nano'.

Yes, I changed the board to nano and updated "Arduino AVR board" in Board manager. The code is also getting uploaded.

The console still pops up the following.I am curious to know what would be the reason?

The snippet of output shown in your screenshot is just the normal upload output. The AVRDUDE upload tool shows some information about its configuration, which is what you're seeing there.

The AVRDUDE tool used to upload to your Nano has a quirk where it prints normal output on the stderr stream. The Arduino IDE prints all stderr output in red text. This might give the impression that this output represents a warning or an error, but it is not.

You have selected the wrong board. The ‘Nano Every’ is NOT a ‘Nano’.

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