Code not uploading

I am using Arduino uno and its working fine. But suddenly, the code stopped uploading. I have connected HX711 and HC05 to the arduino. I tried sending bits from android to arduino via hc05. That’s the last task i performed which turned up unfruitful. So, can someone suggest me how i can resolve this. Or explain what’s the problem.

Do you have connected something to pins 0,1? Disconnect all and try.

Yeah I tried that. But still no use.

Let to know if I understand correctly, uploading normally starts and is in progress and stops after some time ?

yeah it shows uploading and then after some time it is showing programmer not responding. The same is happening even if i try from other laptop

Yes, but it can behave this way if it cannot upload at all. You can see on the Rx. Tx LEDs if any activity is there. If no, try the loopbask test - read 3th topic in this section. Switch on uploading log in Preferences and post.

I have connected Reset and GND. TX and RX. And connected to laptop, even after 5 min there is no device-insertion tone. And power supply hasn't reached arduino. The moment i disconnect any of these connections, the LED on arduino is on.

Sorry, I am lost. If something went wrong and I cannot find solution quickly then it is time to go step by step from the simplest thing. Disconnect all and connect just Arduino to PC via USB. Works or no? If yes, try to upload blink sketch. Works or no?....

I removed all connections and tried to upload the compiled code. Still same

Which Arduino ? Clone or REAL ? OS ?

Arduino Uno Clone Windows 10

Do you have connected something to pins 0,1? Disconnect all and try.

Thank you! It worked!