Code Post Solar Tracker

Since of course I'm New to the increasingly exciting World of Arduino, I have been messing with my uno for several days learning Coding. I have done , Probably what others have already , but couldn't find a complete setup. So i have created a ( Currently) single axis Stepper Driven VIA recycled Transistor and a Printer motor. Running 2 Photoresistors,for direction of course .With many trials an errors, I have ( I think) all of the coding set where it needs to be. I know there have be other possable uses of GPS /Time tracking systems,but this one was more fun. Have even set low light threshhold and travel limit switch. (1 currently) SO ok here is the long drawn out question. I would like others to have the Coding. Can /Should it be posted here. If so is this the best thread location? :) O if u havent guessed, I have mostly built it as a Solar tracker :)

The posting would belong in the Exhibition / Gallery subforum. But yes, I'm sure others would like to see what you've done -- never enough posts there! Include pictures. ;)