Code questions...

Im working with an local Wifi Shield who works with Wiz610. As the shield, the library is local to and I have a question for u guys

when the library say:

get LAN Configuration from WIZ610

@param ipAddr Pointer to destination IP Address string

@param netMask Pointer to destination IP Net Mask

@param defGW Pointer to destination default gateway address

@param DHCP_Server Get DHCP Server configuration.

@param DHCP_Start Pointer to destination DHCP Start IP Address

@param DHCP_End Pointer to destination DHCP End IP Address

@return status

byte WIZ610::getLANCfg(char *ipAddr, char *netMask, char* defGW, boolean *DHCP_Server, char *DHCP_Start, char *DHCP_End){
    char buff[BUF_LENGTH];

    char tmp[3];

    byte count = 0;

    char *ptr_ini;

    char *ptr_fin;

thats mean that I have to create each pointer like for examen this one
char test[70] and put it inside the getLANfg ?
how i have to do it with the bollean pointer? i was tryng to create a char but dosents works! (invaliid transformation)

what I was writing was something like:
(wich each Exam as a char)

modem.getLANCfg(exam1, exam2, exam3,, (IM NOT SHURE WHAT TO PUT HERE OR HOW TO TRANSFORM IT), exam4, exam5 )

thanks in any case!

I don't have any answers.

Your question is rather specialized so I think you would get a better response if you go back to your original post and modify the title to "How do I connect WiFi Shield to Wiz610"

EVERY post here is a "code question".