Code Request - 3 100k NTC Data Logging - Teensy LC

I've been trying to cobble something together and just constantly running into issues. Looking for the bare bones simplest way to integrate reading 3 100k thermistors paired with 3 100k resistors with some smoothing and either sent to the serial window (to use putty to log) or log directly to a csv if possible. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Try googling first "Arduino NTC Thermistor". Read a couple of links. For example
How to use NTC Thermistor
Using a Thermistor
To connect three sensors, you can use any of the inputs A0-A5.
Show your hardware connections and paste your code.
Describe what you have already done and what problem you encountered.

I've already done those things.

Hardware is simple. GND rail connected to bottom of each 100k resistor. Top of each resistor is connected to each analog input and the corresponding thermistor and the top of each thermistor is connected to 3.3V.

Any semblance of code I currently have is not worth posting (just a mishmash of various copied things). This isn't some homework assignment lol so no ethical issues with just "giving me the answer".

The forum is for helping people to learn to use the Arduino microcontrollers. It is not a free code writing service. If you want help, read the forum guidelines, post your code. Tell us what the code does and how that differs from what you want. If there are compilation errors, please include the entire error message. It is easy to do. There is a button (lower right of the IDE window) called "copy error message". Copy the error and paste into a post in code tags. Paraphrasing the error message leaves out important information.

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You should read this link. which pretty much tells you how to measure 1 NTC. Once you understand it the addition of 2 more NTC's should be pretty straight forward.

Word of caution, you should put a 0.01µF capacitor at each analog input to ground. This will filter some of the high frequency noise the program filter cannot.