Code Request! I am a complete rookie with much to learn...

Need code for Uno, very new to all of this, have a project on my plate. Any help greatly appreciated!

Input will be triggered by a reed switch, and output will be a two channel, ten second impulse.

One output channel will be a 12vdc light, fading up to full over the course of a second, staying on full for 8 seconds, then 1 second of fade out to black.

The second output channel will be a ten second sound effect on a triggered MP3 player, probably a FrightProps rig.

Both outputs will be in sync, and triggered by the momentary impulse of the reed switch.

Is more info needed for a code? Is this a huge pain to write? It feels relatively simple, I just have no idea how to write it.

Massive gratitude in advance for any help that is offered. I am at your mercy, Web Samaritans.

Yes, pretty easy.

As long as you have the hardware done.

The only thing I'm not familiar with is your specific MP3 player.