code switch between ARDUINO 1.0.5 and Arduino 1.5.x

Hello all, I have one simple question here: is it possible to have same code compiler and debug without any modification by these two software environment. I just tried the example from Arduino 1.5.2, there are errors showed the [u]avr/xx.h[/u] missing or not found. Is there any solution to fix this and switch between these environment with easy way? Thank you!

Maybe I’m not clear enough about the problem. I have old lib made with avr library, like io/eeprom… When I reuse these code and lib to 1.5.2. There will be error showed
…\arduino-1.5.2-windows\arduino-1.5.2\libraries\EEPROM\EEPROM.cpp:24: fatal error: avr/eeprom.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
Is that mean, I have to update each lib file by using sam chip?