Code to Communicate with 3-wire Thermistor

Hey guys, very new to Arduino and this forum.

My group and I are creating a sous vide powered by Arduino and this is our first time using it. We are using these thermistors:

These are the materials we've purchased:

We've been having difficulty finding good documentation on setup and code examples. If anyone has any links on how to set up the Arduino to communicate with these types of sensors, as well as programming examples, that would be amazing. We have found some documentation on 2-wire setups, but not very much on 3-wire. We just need something to get us started and we'll go from there. My apologies if I did not provide sufficient information, let me know if I left anything out and I will provide more details.

Thanks in advance!

powered by Arduino

Cooking one pea at a time, are you? You'd be far better off making a sous vide controlled by Arduino.

but not very much on 3-wire.

Would you like a picture of an answer?

Cooking one pea at a time, are you?

Ha, I deserved that. Yes, we are controlling it with the Arduino. I was looking for anything on the subject, a picture would be great if you knew where to find one.