CodeRFunk arduino compatible with DeRFmega256+ TI 3000 WIFI + SD card


I recently made a design for 6LowPAN and Wifi features on an arduino compatible board.
Its in the development stage, i have just made the PCB and got to work in it.

The Wifi is using TI 3000 and it has to be bit bang programmed.
6Lowpan in inbuilt part of the derfmega256 module.

It as also got sd card for storing data and web pages.

If any one wants to experiment with this board feel free do it.

I am planning to make some batch of PCB for people who are interested in it, before that just wanted to know if
the design is fine. Any feedback or comments?

NOTE: its a mashup of Sparkcore, Merkur board, adafruit micro sd card, Arduino FIO etc.

Krishna. (146 KB)