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Hi everyone I'm writing for a strange reason: in this area everyone that have a project ask for find code writers. I want do the opposite thing. I'm a Arduino fun (i'm NOT a professional programmer) that want try to write codes for projects (that may include motors, lcds, leds and serial/bluetooth communications) for people. If you have a quite simple project but you are lost in the dark or have no time to write the code you can try to ask me in PM, and I'll see what I can do for you.

More: if you want a basical programming lesson I can try to give you (with videos) in English or italian

If you want send me a PM.

No one?

Can you help me out with my receiver code? Im completely lost on how to do it. thanks!


I have a program that I need to make where there is a cooler that muct follow the user around. We are thinking of using ultrasonic transmitter and receiver. Let me know if you are interested in helping. Any advise is greatly appreciated.

Sorry, I was busy this days and I completly forgot the forum (I am infinitally sorry). Aniways now I am here. My price: free offert multiple than 10$/€ (minimum 10) to give me at the and of the project .

Kinda' like the Diskworld luggage?


-jim lee


Silente: Up

Please don't do that.

Hello, I have a small project that I need some helpgetting off the ground. Are you still available?

Yes, I sent u a pm