Coding Arduino Uno and Mokungit 100pcs WS2811 12mm LEDs

I’m very new to arduino code and such so if this is a very easy thing please excuse me.

I want to have all the lights on and then one by one turn them off in order from one end of the string to the other. Creating a disappearing affect to the lights as if they are being pulled away. Attached is a diagram of what I’m thinking. Thanks!

Check the library/code for this LED strip.
WS2811 works the same as WS2812, it just has separate LEDs vs LEDs integrated with the controller package.

Shorten the counts in the code from 144 to 100, and have some fun.

Hi all,

I also want to make a small project in my mind. The project intends to use the led ws2811 and bluetooth module which is controlled from an Android phone. Which library I should use for ws2811 that has some effects. Anyone know a suitable Android app for my purpose. I'm looking for a while but some apps just has ability to change RGB color, not having effect feature button. Thanks

Please advice.