Coding Array Starter Kit: Is the display already connected?


I just started using Arduino. I wanted to try using the display LCD. I have the coding array starter kit however all the tutorials I have seen have been older versions where the Arduino is separate from the display. Mine is connected and I can remove it.

Am I attaching individuals pins or are they already connected?
Also, is there a specific sketch for this model for "Hello World!"?


I have pictures attached

Do give us a Web link for where this kit is available! Edit: OK, found it, but can't find a sensible description of pricing. Seems to be a "work in progress" but you clearly have one!

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No, you need the connector leads as you show for the display and the other "sensor" modules, even if you so not separate the parts. It appears, looking at a higher resolution photo on the Amazon page, that the display is pre-connected. :sunglasses: So remove your connector cable.

The Expansion Shield is pre-wired to the "UNO" because there is only one way for it to be connected, but how you connect some of the other parts is optional.

Suggest you install the more-up-to-date HD44780 library using the Library Manager in the IDE and use the examples provided with it to access the LCD display rather than whatever else may have been provided with the kit. :grinning:

Make sure all the DIP switches are off!

You will likely need a proper 5 V regulated power supply to operate the servo - or any similar thing connected to this system - feeding to the "5V" pin rather than the USB jack. Do not attempt to power it via the "barrel jack".


Sorry for the late response. :confused:

The link for the Arduino model is:

I think I updated the LCD software, but I'm still really confused on how to start to get the text to the screen.

Have you installed the "HD44780" library using the Library Manager in the IDE and started to use the examples (and instructions) provided with that library?

I went ahead and downloaded the most updated version. However, the directions are still from a few years ago. I keep getting an error or sometimes I get a weird sound coming from the Arduino.

I don't think the interface pins are connected to the right pin numbers. I keep trying to look up tutorials but they are all for Arduinos that are separate from the board and require specific wiring.

Is there a way to see what the pins are actually connected to on my connected board?


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On your integrated board, the pins are already connected perfectly correctly. You do not need to connect that flying cable but you do need to set the switch on the main "UNO" board correctly.

Your code is not using the HD44780 library. I suggest you use that library and the examples provided with it.