Coding Assistance/Design needed to complete project.

Hi all,

I am currently working on a project where I have arduino acting as a PLC type device.

The project scope is for the arduino to recieve logical input signals from a labratory device and display them to the web. It is also tasked with being able to output a set of logical signals that represent some state, which will be read back into the labratory device.

The user interface is browser based, where (currently) the arduino displays a preprogrammed status to the user for a discrete set of input logic signals. The user can then select an option (radio button) on the website to configure the arduinos output in a discrete preprogrammed set of states. This allows configuration of the laboratory equipment from a remote user. The preprogrammed status, remote connection info, etc is displayed to an LCD locally. The arduino sends output signals through optoisolators and recieves direct signals with inputs. It also controls a simple power relay to present control of 110v connected equipment to the user. The interface is a simple 17x2 header.

I have this setup currently built and running on a mega 1280 and hand built pcbs, but it is ugly and the code is what I consider not robust enough for sale.

Since I work a full time day job and work on this in the evenings, I am asking for assistance with a 2.0 version of the project that would ultimately end up as a product that could be distributed. I have a good faith purchase agreement with one company and serious intrest from another. What the project needs to be in shipable state, and what I need assistance with is code for additional user configuration from the web(in progress), pcb designed (preferably with just the Atmel controller, Wiznet chip and supporting hardware), and boxed up. Help with general code organization and bringing a project from prototype to product.

Prefer someone that lives in the US or can work on a US evening time zone schedule. Collaborate via Skype, etc.. Compensation negotiable, depends on how much actually gets done. Coding and PCB design experience preferred. Please pm me if interested and we can take it to email.

Thanks everyone for the responses. I have looked all of them over.

Im going to digitize all of my notes, schematics, etc for the project and then decide who I want to work with.