Coding CNC machine

I want to start to write a code for my cnc machine but i did not find any good source i can start by from the internet so if anybody has a good link to share that will be great

furthermore after i finish this I would like to add a feedback position to my machine is it possible or not ?

Hi Adam, My crystal ball don't seem to be working today! Please give us more details, what CNC board or machine? are you using, what are your connections? what power arrangements are you using. Are you using Arduino code? which Arduino?

We're here to help, but you must first help us by giving all the INFO you can.



If you check the OP's previous posts you'll see that he already has a similar thread elsewhere on the forum.

ok I am using arduino uno and i will write an arduino code that control the stepper motors nema 34 and i am not using any shield just ardiuno so i will write the code from scratch

and what i am searching for is how to control the stepper motor for example i want my position of the tool be 10 cm away from the origin of the center in the x axis and I know the pitch of my lead screw and i want add a feedback also that after it reaches to the given position i can check that

i searched in the OP i did not find the thing that i want most of them usung GRBL shield so that is why i asked if u have any op that can help plz share

any further information u want to know tell me i told u everything that can help but my main concern how to construct that code of this cnc machine to work perfectly

I know some information about that code that i have to receive that command then from my code identify the command ,know what is the function and execute it to output.if is something wrong from what i mentioned plz tell me

Thanks for ur time