Coding for jbtek hc-05

I'm having trouble generating a correct code to start my jbtek Bluetooth. What I'm trying to do is construct a motion activated (PIR sensor) speaker system that connects to android phones. Can anyone help?

Post a link to the datasheet for your bluetooth device.

Post the code you have been trying and tell us exactly what it does and what you want it to do.

And please use the code button </>so your code looks like thisand is easy to copy to a text editor


In the immortal words of one of the more succinct participants on this forum, bluetooth is "serial without wires". What this means is that you need no coding for bluetooth other than that which you use for serial - with wires. This to the point where you can do all your proving with the serial monitor and then swap it with the bluetooth. This means that a lot of tyhe exercise with bluetooth is procedure, not code.

You might find the following background notes useful