Coding for Kids | STEAM Education for kids

BDS Education: A to Z “Do it Yourself, Teach it yourself” product range for Children. Programmable robots for teaching kids how to design, build, and program robots. Coding for Kids STEAM Education for kids

Cyberpunk is here :slight_smile:

If a child likes to disassemble everything, engage in a constructor, often asks various questions, robotics will be of interest to her. For older children fond of robotics, a love for mathematics, physics, computer science, drawing, technology, computer games are characteristic. My daughter is now attending daycare; this one, by the way. When she grows up, I will enroll her in robotics lessons. It is believed that boys are better in such classes, but the gender of the child is not the main thing here. Girls do as well as boys. I can even note that girls often bring things to an end; they are more accurate and more attentive.

Awesome. Always supportive of the Kids Education - especially those using Arduino.