Coding help $

Hi, I'm looking to pay someone to write some code for me. It will consist of writing two functions which I can integrate in to existing code I have.

Function 1:

When the up button on a 1602 LCD keypad shield is pressed, start the geared encoder motor and set it to desired RPM using built in encoder and PID library.

When the RPM is reached, start taking readings from a load cell using HX711 library for a given displacement (based on encoder feedback) then turn off motor and output the average and peak weight readings and velocity to the LCD (I know what one revolution is equal to in distance).

Function 2:

When the right button on LCD shield is pressed, start a timer and measure displacement from a hall effect sensor which has four magnets rotating past it. When the desired displacement is achieved, output the time taken to the LCD.

Please PM if you think you may be able to help and for more information (including wiring diagram, parts etc). I'm not sure what something like this would cost so please advise if you have a rough idea for me.


@cost: is this a hobby project or do you exect it to become an actual product? If hobby, just post everything you have, night be that you will be pointed in the right direction. Professional: well, there's too few information on what you expect to be done - again, post all you have to get a qualified offer.

Do the two behaviors have to happen at once? i.e, can they overlap?

Is it already taken this gig?

Do the two behaviors have to happen at once? i.e, can they overlap?

The two functions would be separately.

Is it already taken this gig?

Hi. No not taken yet.

Sounds like this could be an interesting project but the description is too vague and unclear.


  1. A motor speed control loop with position measurement.
  2. Load cell measurement with calculations.
  3. Count measurement with count scaled to distance.

Bill of Materials

Sound correct?

Q: does count scaling have to be user adjustable or can a fixed count/distance ratio be used?
Q: how fast is the hall sensor assembly moving?
Q: what is the approximate mass/force of what you're weighing and how soon after the motor starts does the measurement need to be done?