Coding in HTML with ESP8266

I’m working with an ESP8266 that gives access to an interface. This ESP also works with 4 LEDs, the main idea of the interface is that the user has the opportunity to create 32 buttons (one for each combination) selecting the LEDs that he wants to flash when the button is pressed and name it. I was able to create the system that allows to create the buttons, the page to insert the name of the buttons, what I’d like to do is save the string in an array and from there give it to the various buttons, but I’m having problems with that.

The code is pretty long, there are two interfaces, a simple one and the one described. The one described is in the void interface() in the else part. For the moment it is just working on the first button. Moreover my first idea was to have a pop up window on the interface to insert the name and select the LEDs instead of changing the interface itself, but I wasn’t able to solve that, but doesn’t really matter it would be just for the outlook.

Cheers in advance.

Interfaccia.ino (21 KB)