Coding LCD: Using an arduino-compatible board w/ arduino software

Hello, I am using an arduino compatible board

(FX300 datasheet:

and I am trying to do the "Hello World" code. I have a standard 16x2 lcd screen. I have the power and ground connected. SDA is connected to port 13, and SCL is connected to 14. I also have D4 to 02, D5 to 01, D6 to 12, and D7 to 10. I do not know if I need these four to be connected, but the code doesn't work, either way. I have been trying to do the i2c scanner, but nothing shows up, it just continues to show "scanning", and changes to the baud rate outputs random, meaningless symbols and numbers. Is there any extra steps that I need to do to get this to work? I have set up the FX300 as a new board, so it's already in the system...

Hello world code that I'm using:

i2c Scanner:

How I set FX300 as a new board:


SDA is connected to port 13, and SCL is connected to 14.

On the Arduino, a port is a collection of 8 pins. No Arduino has 13 ports.

Pins 13 and 14 on the Arduino are NOT the I2C pins. A4 and A5 are.

I’m not using an arduino board. I’m using an arduino compatible board, an FX300. The data sheet is above.

The data sheet is above.

I looked at that. Perhaps you can tell be which page, that I missed, in that file says which pins are the I2C pins.

In fact, I saw nothing in that file that admits that the board even knows what I2C is.