Coding LED's to Fade with Servo position?

My project requires me to have LED’s fade while the servos in the circuit are in a certain position. My code for moving the servos into these positions is fine, but I’m unsure of how to code the arduino to read the position, and tell the LED’s to start fading and when to stop.
My code so far is;

include <Wire.h>

include <nunchuck_funcs.h>

include <Servo.h>

Servo right; Servo left; int y = 0; int cbut = 0; int led = 11; int brightness = 70; int fadeAmount = 20;
void setup() {

right.write(120); left.write(20);
right.attach(9); left.attach(10);
pinMode(led, OUTPUT);

nunchuck_setpowerpins(); nunchuck_init();
Serial.begin(19200); Serial.print(“Ready b0ssn”); }

void loop() {
cbut = nunchuck_cbutton();
y = nunchuck_joyy();

if (y > 210) if (cbut == 1)
right.write(20), left.write(120);

if (y < 40) if (cbut == 1)
right.write(120), left.write(20);

Serial.print("joy y: "); Serial.println(nunchuck_joyy()); Serial.print("c button: "); Serial.println(nunchuck_cbutton());

I’ve tried to use the ‘while’ code but cant figure it out.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

but I'm unsure of how to code the arduino to read the position

It's rather useless to read the position of the servo, since the library really doesn't know whether or not the servo actually got to the position you told it to go to. Since you know where you told it to go, you already have the same thing you would read from the servo.

Is the fading to be blocking code?

I dont know what blocking code means sorry!

Do you have any advice on how to write the code so the lights fade in and out when the servos are in the first position, then go off when in the second position?