Coding Music...

No - not how to use the Tone library…but rather, what music do you like to code to?

Figured this might as well be the next iteration after “beer for hall” and “Coding under influence…”


I personally enjoy listening to everything from “2 Live Crew” to “Yanni” when I am coding; I also find Joe Satriani, as well as Weird Al Yankovic works well.

Finally, after finding a copy today, buying it, and ripping it - I forgot how much I liked to code to the soundtrack of “PI”…

mmm… I cant seem to code with music…though i can code while eating / drinking :wink:

A wide variety -

  • Killer B’s – Bach, Beethoven
  • Any Italian opera
  • Piano virtuoso playing Rach3, Chopin, etc
  • Progressive Rock (early Genesis, King Crimson, ELP, Yes, Gentle Giant, Dream Theater)
  • Guitar virtuoso (Steve Vai, Ingve Malmsteen, Joe Satriani)
  • Trumpet – Bill Chase, Maynard Ferguson

(* jcl *)

Almost all trance can do it. ;D

I almost always try to have music playing when I’m working.

I think highly-specific recommendations aren’t particularly useful, because it’s so much a matter of taste, but there’s a lot to be said about general types of music that may be helpful.

One key factor in making my choices is a very low level of “conscious involvement”: whatever I play, regardless of genre, must not be competing for my attention. Mostly, that means no vocals, or complex polyphony or polyrhythms, unless it’s something I’ve heard scores, even hundreds, of times, beyond the point of merely being “memorized”. And preferably not something that new (to me, at least).

I pick music that’s familiar, that has connotations to help set a mood. If I’m in the early design phase, it’s likely to be something very low-key and soothing, to help mask out any background noise and keep me “contemplative”. Maybe some solo guitar or keyboard pieces. As I get into implementation, I lean toward the more “energizing”: big band, orchestral, bluegrass, or hard rock. Something louder, probably with a fast, and simple, beat.

The key is to determine what mental state you’re aiming for, and choose the environmental factors that help to get you there.

Two words. Lady Gaga.

Just kidding.

For me I usually put on some music that doesn’t have lyrics–like metal or rock such as russian circles if I’m soldering, or techno/trance if i’m coding. Because coding is a rave.

Daft punk!
I’d say technologic, since its sorta related, but I just hate that song.

music that doesn’t have lyrics–like metal or rock such as russian circles

I quite agree. I saw Russian Circles for the second time only two weeks ago in Manchester. They were quite awesome, I got the new CD at the gig and got a good video. One track from it “Hexed All” sounds like a coding tune.

Mind you I wouldn’t class them as rock they are defiantly “post Rock”

I can’t code whilst music is playing, I find it very distracting, my brain just doesn’t work that way.

Pink Floyd or The Killers, through headphones, with the volume set to eleven

Mind you I wouldn’t class them as rock they are defiantly “post Rock”

not being all that into music, i never really bothered to learn the distinct types of genres and what they’re called… yeah.

I can’t code with background prattle (radio and TV are out). Whether or not I have music playing and what kind of music depends entirely on my overall state of mind. Sometimes lyrics are a problem. Sometimes intricate lyrics are good. I listen to Mozart when I’m in the mood for music but can’t make a decision about what to play.

I was doing contract work on a pipeline management system. I didn’t know anyone else on the project so I was nervous. Most of the time, there was just one other person in the work area with me (Gene). Each day when I arrived at work, the radio was tuned to a local Country Western station. At the time, Achy Breaky Heart was popular. At least every half-hour, the station played that song.

On the third day, I couldn’t stand it any longer. Despite my nervousness, I turned to Gene and politely asked him if we could listen to a different station or turn the radio off. He turned to me and asked with a strong West Texas accent, “You don’t like this song?” I cautiously answered, “Well, it isn’t so much that I like or dislike this song. I’m just tired of it.” He replied, “I CAN’T STAND COUNTRY WESTERN MUSIC! I thought you were listening to this crap!”. He stormed over to the radio and switched to an 80’s Rock and Roll station.

The one song I cannot code to is Achy Breaky Heart.

As i’m a ska / Skapunk fan, i have this kind of music running all day (Programming is my job so to say…). Mostly Less than Jake ore some internationally unknown Bands from Hamburg, germany :slight_smile:

If I choose to listen to music, which I commonly don’t, I find that songs without lyrics (but probably not classical music) works well for coding.

However, when I’m designing hardware or wiring, etc., I find that songs that I know with lyrics help. Singing along seems to make me more productive.

I think songs with lyrics don’t work for coding because you’re essentially writing words; It’s like trying to talk to someone and write a letter at the same time without making mistakes. :slight_smile:

Technical Death Metal :slight_smile:
Cannibal Corpse, Circle of Contempt, Nile etc etc

the ‘ambient electronic’ genre works best for me.