Coding needed for Project

I am designing a system for collecting biometric data from a long (a mile, roughly, but will work with what I can get) distance. The participants will be equipped with a vest that holds the arduino controllers and any hardware necessary. This shield will be attached to a Mega2560 and an HC12 transmitter/receiver. Additionally, I'd like for this sensor to be incorporated, but it is not as vital. I recognize there are additional parts I may need, and will obtain if so. The wall I'm running into, however, is that I have minimal experience with coding in Arduino, but the deadline for this project is coming April. That is why I'm reaching out for the extra hand. I'd be happy to fill in any information I left out, thank you.

PM sent.

Do the rules of the competition permit you to get/pay someone to do the implementation for you? Because it’s a non-trivial project and you would otherwise be unlikely to be able to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes by claiming that you did it yourself. They will ask questions…