how do I code a XYZ axis linear actuator controlled by a 2 way/ 3 way switch. I need to know this because I am using it to control solar panels, one function of the switch would be to flatten out the panels and to track the sign so that it can power a solar powered boat, that I and a team of other boys can drive in the smud solar regatta.

One great thing about this forum is that with the collective experience we can usually take a quick look at your code and identify where the problems are likely to be. So, let's have a look at your code.

Posting a link to the datasheet for your actuator would also be a good idea.

What size is the solar panel?

A diagram of the project would help us visualize what you are talking about.


The first step in building any application is to define ALL of the requirements.

Schematics are a close second.