Codings for Sensored BLDC

Hi there,

I am trying to make my BLDC running using the HALL effect sensor. I want to be able to change the speed and a rotation direction. Can anyone help me with codings? I am really bad at programming...

When is our homework due?

End of April, sir : )

We need some better requirements. Start with links to the hardware you have.

Then, what is providing the signals that the hall effect sensor is reading?

Then, how do you intend to use the number of pulses to control rotation direction?

What is the desired relationship between number of pulses per time period and speed?

List of hardware:

Arduino UNO Darlington's Driver B10K Potentiometer 3 x Hall effect sensors - 5V DC power supply CF2822 BLDC - Electronic Speed Controller -

BLDC is providing signals that HALL effect sensors are reading and sending the signals to the Arduino. Arduino outputs PWM signals based on the HALL effect sensors' readings. PWM signals are being sent to through the darlington's driver and then to the ESC. ESC is connected to the BLDC.

To control the direction I will use an electrical solution, not the programming one. So I just need a help with coding to get the motor running and be able to control the speed. This is it! : )

The speed preferably is to be controlled with the potentiometer. And here are the diagrams of pulses needed:

Thanks a million in advance!! : ))