Coin acceptor COM11719/ Monedero electronico COM11719

Hi everyone Im working on an Arduino proyect using the COM11719 coin acceptor and I have some questions, the datasheet ( ) says that it works with 12 V , and 50mA, the outpout has to be then 12V and 50mA, obviusly I know I have to use a voltaje-divisor to introduce the signal to any pin of arduino, but my question is: I have a 12V 1000mA charger, could I burn my coin acceptor if I try to supply energy with it? how can I build a current divisor for it ?

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Hola a todos estoy trabajando en un proyecto de Arduino y estoy usando el monedero electronico COM11718, y tengo algunas dudas, la hoja de datos( ) dice que trabaja con 12 V y 50 mA , por lo tanto la salida tambien es de 12 V y 50 mA, obviamente se que debo de usar un divisor the voltaje para introducir la señal a cualquier pin de Arduino, pero mi pregunta es: tengo un eliminador de corriente(cargador) que me da 12V y 1000 mA, puedo llegar a quemar mi monedero electronico si trato de conectarlo ahi? Si sí, cmo puedo hacer un divisor de corriente?

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You can use any 12V DC supply with the coin acceptor. Make sure that your charger delivers 12V, not much more or less, if not used to charge a battery.

If the acceptor output is "open collector", you can connect it directly to a digital input, with a (1k) pullup resistor to the Arduino operating voltage (3.3 or 5V). Else your voltage divider approach will work as well.