Coin acceptor - > pulse read out problem


Am not quite sure if this is HW problem, but i can not detect any impulse. The tested code is working OK when i try to read impulse changes manually ( over switch ). But when i hook up coin machine, nothing happens.

I use pin 5 of coin acceptor which is passed to pin2 of arduino board. GND is also connected between PIN2 - GND.

The coin acceptor outputs are all open collector so i put 5,4kOhm resistor on the coin line.

Now, if i measure voltage before the resistor and when i insert coin, i get readouts from 1,14 - 0,2V so it sends signal. I have measured between coin power supply (GND ) and pin 5 of coin selector. Page 8.

So, why can i not read out this change on digital pin ? EDITED: If i measure voltage change directly on pin 5 of coin acceptor and GND of c.a. i get "correct " voltage values: 1Euro = 0.2 V 2euro = 0.45V 5euros= 0.67V

So the impulses are here...

Regards !

first of all, as I said before, I don't know anything about coin acceptors, so I won't really help you here. I can only give you these basic advices, sorry I've had a quick look at your link and :

  • output 5 is not pin5 , but pin3 ! pin5 5 seems to be an "output acceptance" ?

-where and why did you put the 5.4kOhm ? (you have internal pull-up activated in your sketch)

  • How did you wire all your devices ? write down and post a schematic of what you've done

  • post your whole sketch

  • wait for somebody who knows this acceptor or who wants to deeply read and understand (!! see the quote below ;-) ) the document to help you :grin:

For the inhibition of the coin selector, you have to bring an high tension on the Inhibit input (pin 5 or 6 ). The activation of the output impulse in the version at demand can be made bringing a tension on pin 5 or 6 ( programmable ). The inputs can have also combinatory functions, this means that, until when is present a tension on the input, the acceptance of coin results deshabilitated, as soon as you take away such tension, the output impulse is activated. In addition it is possible to use an output as meter and another one to inform about the relative rests of credit. /quote]

I found error and it's not in the code as i suspected before.

I have worked with different coin machines based on CCTALK protocol and now the problem was pure HW. I disconected the GND wire from arduino and connected gnd directly coin acceptor. Yea i know, stupid mistake :-).

Btw. you have to use external resistor because internal one are tricky and to weak for such setup.

I made different test with and without internal pull ups but, external are the right one for this.

Anyway :-) Thank you for your time and wish for help ! I will make some basic setup and upload it on site and then we can discuss more about code itself :-)

Regards !