coin operated with sound

My son is into building mini kiddie ride using cardboard paper. I thought I'll introduce him to something more realistic.

I have Arduino uno or one similar with chip and motor, I had bought to build 3d printer.

What addition would I need if I want have it detect 2 quarters inserted before starting up the motor and play sound for certain amount of minute. I would like to use something like 2 tap instead of LED sensor I saw on some projects here. Using a push on/off method.

For sound, I saw on youtube there's a sound board for Arduino.

For quarter detection...

  • depends..

Do you want to ensure its a quarter? Or just that '2' of 'some coin type' has been entered.

If the former, you could probably just use a limit or lever switch to detect the 'coin' passing by.

If the later, you might need a purpose made component. Like so:

For the audio, I would look into using a DFPlayer mini, they are cheap (like $3.00 USD off ebay).... and work by sending a serial command to it.. (so all the audio stuff is handled by that board, leaving the Arduino free to do other things still)

Thanks for reply. Any coins pass by twice is what we are looking for. Since he already had it design for other coin to reject. Limit switch it is and the dfplayer.

Possible to code it to play audio #1 (please insert another coin) when first coin pass through? Play audio #2 when 2nd coin pass through. Code it to play 30 sec or minute? Then audio #3 (thank you come back again)

So I’d received my dfplayer and it might be fake by what I’ve read. Mine has red led.
I’d tried to hook it stand alone and no sound.
I’d used:
Pin 1 5v
Pin 7 ground
Pin 6 + 8 speaker

Pin 9, 10-, 11, 12
4 gb /mp3/001.mp3

What is segment 5 and 1?
All I want to do is click play.

I think you'd need to get that working with an Arduino.. and NOT standalone mode, since you want to do many things with it.. (timed start.... auto playback..etc)

Although testing it in standalone might is fine.... I dont think you'll be able to achieve the effects you want in standalone mode.

Does the chip on the board say YX5200 ?? Or is it ground off/blank? If the later.. probably a fake.

Oh its fake alright. Fake should still work right? I have an idea if I could get it to work stand alone. No need for reverse or rewind. So which pin is play/start? Just tap to ground right?

I dont use them in standalone mode...

but yes.. I believe you need to ground the matching pin to the audio clip.

Have you read the documentation on it?

Yes is read the documentation on it. I didn't understand clearly hence all this question. Googled and YouTubed mostly had info with arduino. Since there's no fix for volume too high on stand alone usage, I'll use my arduino. Was just trying to avoid the bigger board.

Use a Pro-Mini...

I'm not clear how you can set the volume in standalone mode..

There may be something on the DFRobot forums on it.. (at least I thought I read someone ask same question there before)

You can't. That's why I said I must use Arduino. I will have to tryon my extra mega 2560.

xl97: I'm not clear how you can set the volume in standalone mode..

IMO... its better to use the DFPlayer with an Arduino anyways.. much more control over things.

I use them with a Pro-Mini all the time.... which keeps the whole project footprint pretty small.

Yes I like the mini. I like the small form factor but I already have extra atmega2560 unopened.

Not sure if I should open another thread but I would like to know if I could use this sensor(not sure what you call it) instead of push button. To started playing first track.

So I found out first speaker was bad. Use 6 ohms 40w from 5.1 speaker. Stand alone dfplayer default volume wasn’t as loud as I thought. Specially when enclosed. So project completed. Need to go back and read if it’s OK to post YouTube URL here.

simple that works for the kid but need modified.