coins acceptor


my name is yaniv and i am new with all of that.

i want to build a photo booth with coins acceptor.(6 coins )

as i saw at youtube they said to use arduino uno.

and i belive that i need to write a script for that and i really dont know how.

please need your helps how to build it...... please.

regards yaniv

You need to start from the basics and start learning about Arduino, General Electronics and Programming. When you feel confident enough and understand how the machine you saw in the video works, go ahead and learn about its components and build it.

An Uno is fine for prototyping but for the final project you'll be better off with a Mini or Pro Micro, which you can easily solder onto a PCB together with any other external components you need.

You'll also have to figure out how exactly you receive signals from that coin acceptor.

its like Chinese for me.

i can pay to someone who can help me to make it work.

someone please??????

If you aren't willing to learn, you're at the wrong place. I'm sure you'll find local people near you willing to work for you at a price.

Ask a moderator to move your thread to the gigs and collaborations forum. You may find someone there who can help you with paid work.

Well, there's far too little info to go on so far. The two main things that are missing:

  1. what coin acceptor? What signal do you get out of it?
  2. what does the Arduino have to do with the signals?

If you have no idea how to build it, why don't you try and find one of those Japanese photo booths that were in vogue about a decade ago? I bet there are lots of them collecting dust now. Ready to go!