Colect data and control Arduino though internet (thingspeak?)

Hi guys,

I’m making a project and I need to use my arduino to send datas on charts and control it through one single and personal webpage.

I choosed ThingSpeak iot support to do it and I know that I can export it’s chart and display it to my own website that is updated continually (I’m using google app engine also to host the page). It seems that this communication is going by arduino<—> webpage, but actually is arduino<—>thingspeak<---->webpage because I don’t need to access thingspeak website.

I have a big challenge:

Now, how can I control the arduino on this webpage too?

Is there any api on thingspeak that make it easy?

I’m opened to any suggestion about other methods.

Thank you very much!

Thingspeak's "Talkback" function may be useful to you- it can even be combined with a thingspeak update.

Wooww!! You’re amazing! God bless you _