Collaboration Project- Experienced Coder Needed

Looking to do research on home automation. Im offering to buy all necessary parts and hardware in return for someone writing the code. This project is just for educational purposes and not to profit in any way. If interested please let me know.

Im offering to buy all necessary parts and hardware in return for someone writing the code.

What should the code do?

Hello All,

I think what is needed for this forum is a page that anyone posting a request for proosals(RFP) from programmers, designers, and /or hardware engineers a template to use. Anyone who has tried to complete someone else’s project or idea understands it is a requirement that all of the requirements are clearly specified.

Failure to come to agreement to what the requirements are in fine detail is a surefire way to fail on the project, and blow both budget and schedule, making both parties unhappy.

The customer has an idea that requirements are important as they say it must do this and be smaller than an elephant, for many customers that is what they will give you for the initial requirements and then wonder why we, the contractors, can’t build the system. The customer has a picture in their mind that has many other requirements implied that needs to be met and it is a requirement of the contractor to pry those requirements.

Examples of no requirements:

  • system must be fast; how fast is fast
  • system must be small; what is small
  • system must display a timer; is it count up or count down
  • must run on batteries; what battery chemistry and how big and how many
  • radio will communicate at long range; what is long range
  • radio will have a high data rate; what is required data rate
  • system will operate outside; much better to detail what the required temperature, humidity, ect. ranges are required
  • long battery life; I hope you get the picture by now.

Any of the programmers and engineers could make additions to the above list and maybe that is a good idea if we think there should be a sticky describing requirements.

Collaboration = you pay nothing, I do all the work, and you get a project.

No deal.


I don’t do that many projects any more, but when I did I had the discussions about requirements and whatnot on the public thread.